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 At Living Design, we don’t just make New Zealand’s finest kitchens and bathrooms, we craft precision interiors that harmonise with the way people interact with their environment. These are spaces that are designed for living, we call it Living Design.

We will not only design and build your kitchen and bathrooms, but also all the nuances and connected fibres that make an amazing living space.  This could be hallways, hidden doors, cabinetry, reading nooks and wardrobes or furniture.

The kitchen is the heart of the home – a multi-functional space, where beauty and functionality must go hand in hand. We consider the spatial possibilities and your living style, and design every aspect from materials and finishes to storage, cabinetry and hardware, to create your perfect kitchen.
At Living Design, we believe that great use of space, beautiful materials and attention to detail can redefine what is possible in a bathroom.
As floor plans become more and more open, the inclusion of the entire house in the conceptual planning is becoming increasingly important.

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