We are Annett and Klaus Todt

Owners of Living Design in Tasman — an exclusive studio team dedicated to bringing a German approach to New Zealand interiors.

The Living Design Difference

Every home has a living rhythm — a gentle hum and cadence composed of people and space. A true craftsperson can capture that rhythm, and bring to life an environment that works in harmony with the natural movement of its inhabitants.

At Living Design, we don’t just make New Zealand’s finest kitchens and bathrooms, we craft precision interiors that harmonise with the way people interact with their environment. These are spaces that are designed for living, we call it Living Design.

We are Architectural Joiners

Klaus is one of the few Schreinermeisters located in New Zealand. There is no direct translation for ‘Schreinermeister’ in English, although it loosely conveys as ‘Master Joiner’ — which is akin to calling Beethoven a busker. They are masters of the German art of design and can only earn the title after years of training and experience. Considered by some to be closer to architects, and others as joiners, we prefer the term Architectural Joiner and deliver excellence that goes beyond both disciplines.

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Uniquely Yours

We approach every project with an exacting eye for detail. We measure the height of your glasses, the diameter of your plates, and count your record collection – leaving nothing to chance. Our designs balance both function and delight. You are fully involved in the design process, and we strive to let your individuality flow into the design.


The art of true craftsmanship

We design and make everything by hand in our Tasman workshop. Our team blends modern design, traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. We work with a variety of materials, thoughtfully selected and artfully combined to create graceful, timeless design.

Talk to the team

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