IMI Concrete Kitchen

Location: Richmond, Nelson
Designer: Klaus Todt
Photos by: Pammie Moonlight
IMI concrete kitchen wideshot
IMI kitchen cutlery drawer open

The Approach

This project was a renovation to a small and unusable kitchen.  The space was desperately in need of more storage and smarter use of the space.

We created seamless and handless wall cabinets using art oak veneer with perfectly matching grain. These disguised the hidden storage where we integrated the client’s inherited glass drawers for some clever handy spice access whilst cooking. 

This kitchen was the culmination of interesting materials. The grey Nextel finish on the cabinet fronts gave them a super-matte and suede-like texture. The imi concrete countertop had the look of raw concrete, with the benefit of being mitred and custom built in our workshop. This allowed us to seamlessly flush mount the sink and the Bora Classic induction cooktop into the benchtop. 

No detail went unnoticed – from wrap around corners of the end drawer units to the specially designed cutlery inserts. We finished it off with a bright pink Vola tap to add a splash of colour.

This kitchen was the culmination of interesting materials.

IMI Concrete Kitchen
IMI Kitchen Cutlery Drawer
Pink Tap
Colourful Kitchen Ceiling

Innovative surfaces and products

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