The very best in interior design, expertise and realisation

When you engage Living Design you can be assured that you will receive the very best in design, expertise and realisation. We will make sure to engage and work closely with you, to produce your dream space.

Klaus Todt has been designing and manufacturing kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces for over 25 years. He holds the German qualification of a certified furniture designer and a German Master degree.

At Living Design we design and realise whole house concepts as well as single parts of your interior.

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Our process is simple



Klaus meets with you to discuss your project, this initial meeting is free and there is no obligation to engage our service.

After this meeting Klaus will review your project and provide you with a quote for the design.
Our design fees cover all aspects of the design process which includes:

  • A3 concept drawings of all required rooms with several variations to choose from
  • Meetings to discuss various design options
  • We draw till you are 100% satisfied
  • Quote and time frame for the manufacturing and installation process

At this stage there are no binding obligations. You can continue your project with us or involve another business to fulfill your project.

Our specialised workshop ensures high quality with German precision

If you choose to continue with us, you will get results beyond your expectations. Living Design runs its own work shop, to maintain the high quality throughout the whole process with German precision.

We can provide project management on request with detailed production drawings for all trades involved in the process.

We work with a team of quality trades people we can recommend. We can also work with your preferred trade s people.


Living Design is build on unconditional customer satisfaction and value

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Our Guarantee

At Living Design we’ve built our business on quality, unconditional customer satisfaction and value. Our workmanship, materials and accessories are the highest quality and will not deteriorate or lose their effectiveness.

Living Design offers the original purchaser a lifelong warranty on all Blum and Hafele hardware and a  6 year warranty on kitchens, bath rooms and furniture installed by the company in relation to workmanship and faulty materials. All materials will be repaired or replaced at no cost on the basis that damage has not occurred due to incorrect individual usage.


  • We do everything but ordinary
  • You are fully involved in the design process – it is your very own space, you work and live in it.
  • There are no `one size fits all` solutions, everything is tailored to your circumstances
  • We measure the height of your glasses, the diameter of your plates, count your record collection…
    whatever is relevant to make sure everything fits in the space
  • Our team has specialist knowledge in new & different materials
  • The materials we use have to stand the hardest quality control – they have to survive my working environment
  • We don`t just chalk up and talk up – we stick to our promises
  • The very best quality – Custom made FOR YOU